Persuasive Essay On Right To Die

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“Whose life is it anyway”? (Clark n.p.). That is a question many people ask when they want to die and can’t because the law is a barrier they cannot break. In general, there are different reasons that people want to die, terminal illness, trapped in a wheelchair, unable to do everyday tasks, or conceivably the health of the person limits what they can do. Maybe Logan’s Run had it right, everyone must die at 30. It is important to realize, that whether or not a person wants to participate in assisted-suicide should be their choice. “Some say right to die, good death, rational suicide, aid in dying, and merciful release are all euphemisms for the possibility of killing or assisting individuals to kill themselves” (Salladay n.p.). However you say it, right to die comes down to someone who, has a terminal illness, with no hope of survival, or trapped in a body, they can’t use anymore, the person with considerable pain, wanting to die and finally be at peace. Nevertheless, on moral grounds it is wrong and in most states illegal. There are only six states who currently have right to die laws on the books. More states are thinking about adopting right to life laws every day.
“About once a week, health care providers call the 24-hour palliative-care hotline at the University of Vermont Medical Center with the same basic question: How should they respond to patients who seek to take advantage of the state’s new law allowing physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill
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