Persuasive Essay On Risk Taking

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My theme report looks at the issues of taking risks in order to overcome stereotypes, poor decisions from the past, and the make progress in life. I learned from the theme study that if you take risks - and if you have the right personal qualities - you can change your world personally, and influence others positively. The four films I watched for this report were Les Intouchables,Life of a King,12 years a slave and they all showed me the consequences of risk taking which were either loss or great rewards in life.some of the results of risk taking I have discovered from these movies are it can change your personality,leads to wealth and money,second chances in life and mostly you take possession of something you once lost.

A significant connection across the texts is the positive consequences in life that come from taking risks. The first similarity I see is that risk taking leads to happiness and earning a new life. We see this in both 12 years a slave and The Hurricane. We see this positive consequence from risk-taking in life of a king where Eugene earns back love from his children and got his family back. This positive outcome is similar to 12 years a slave when Solomon is returned (right at the end) to his family. From the dialogue between Eugene and Katrina - daughter - we can see how desperate and self-accusatory Eugene is feeling about his son Marco being in prison when Katrina says “I wanted to come tell you in person. Marco's locked up. He's been in juvenile
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