Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Adoption

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Adoption saves many children’s lives and gives them new opportunities to create a life they may desire. Adoption keeps children out of homeless shelters and prevents them from living on the streets. Even though adoption provides many positives for children, many adoption agencies, state governments, and birth parents do not agree with same-sex couples adopting children. There has been discrimination against same-sex couples adopting a child for decades. More than one hundred thousand children are waiting to be adopted in the United States. Many children wait for a permanent home with loving parents, and same-sex couples should be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to providing children with a loving and happy home. After the nineteenth century adoption became less secretive, and modern adoption laws were created to keep children safe, but there remains a stigma against LGBT+ parents adopting children. Adoption is when an adult becomes the legal guardian of another person’s child, and adopting a child gives a person the chance at becoming a mother or father (Barr p.10). There are several types of ways to adopt a child. Potential parents can decide to adopt a child through an attorney, facilitator, state agency, or private agency (p. Barr 29-33). Most agencies require prospective parents to disclose their sexual preference when filling out adoption papers to either eliminate the couple from their agency, or allow birth mothers to eliminate the
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