Persuasive Essay On School Bullying

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HOOK : Hey do you know that kid who everyone considers “uncool” or peculiar that sits in the back of your class who is always biting their nails, wears old clothes and shoes, smells kinda funny. You probably always walk past them like nothing and make as if they don’t exist and if they are irrelevant.You probably even have nicknames for them, that probably aren’t nice.You also might wonder why they always isolate themselves. Or in another scenario that kid who is always on the honor roll, star athlete the one who is a ladies man. Have you ever asked yourself what goes through their heads or if they have feelings or do you even bother to ask if they are doing fine? what does it take for someone to reach their breaking point and commit such heinous acts? Have you ever asked yourself what is the likelihood of them shooting up their school? Lethal violence is a problem in schools and nobody's doing anything to prevent it. Bullying is a factor that could lead to such actions. According to an article in the Science Daily that was posted on the 19 October 2017 “What characteristics do school shooters share?” most school shooters were repeatedly and publicly tagged with homosexual and feminized epithets ./such as being a "homo," a "crybaby" or a "fag”. In 2015 a survey that was done by the centers for disease control and prevention stated that 20.2% reported being bullied on school property. Technology has made it easier to harass and bully others, an Article that was published in November of 2015 states that, 90% of teens who report being cyberbullied have also been bullied offline. The survey data that was done by The Institute of Education Sciences, show that 36 percent of bullying victims reported their victimization to a teacher or other adult at their school and that 64 percent of students did not. The ambassadors for kids club states that Playground school bullying statistics - Every 7 minutes a child is bullied, the chances of adult intervention are 4%, Peer intervention beats the adults by and 11% and 85% of the time there is no intervention that is ever done. Mental health is often overlooked and can be seen as something that can be taken care of overnight because of the lack of education and
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