Persuasive Essay On School Bullying

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On August 13th, 2016 there was an article put out on about a teenage boy named Daniel Fitzpatrick who earlier that week committed suicide. Many family members were in disbelief about the incident and even more when they found a note he had left behind explaining why he had chosen to do this to himself. Included In the note was the sentence, “I gave up”. (Daniel Fitzpatrick-2016) All throughout high school, Daniel had suffered from school bullying. When he tried to inform his teachers of the problems that were taking place on school grounds, nothing was done to punish the students who were bullying him. In the note, he stated, “The teachers, they didn’t do anything either”. So, when Daniel felt like there was no help, he took his own life.

School Bullying on Children
According to, “about 28 percent of students, ages 12–18, reported being bullied at school throughout the school year.” They then later stated they were scared to attend school because they knew they were going to get bullied. This means twenty-eight percent of students are not wanting to go to school. This can lead to either skipping or not paying attention in their class. Students who skip are not getting the education they go to school to get. School bullying has always been a problem and every school has this terrible issue.
“More than 160,000 students are missing school each day because they're afraid of getting picked on, taunted, or beaten up.” (Eleanor Barkhorn) If

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