Persuasive Essay On School Bullying

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Bullying in High school in the Us shows that with every four students enrolled there is one child who is bullied regularly. The bullying that occurs in high school is carried over from middle school as early as sixth grade. In some surveys it shows that 30% of bullies have been either bullied themselves or come from a rough home life. Another survey shows that 77% of students are verbally and mentally abused, 14% of that 77 end up having a severely negative reaction to the bullying, such as anxiety, a drop in grades, and less want to be with friends. In the schools it is said that 50% of bullying incidents happen in the restroom, when there is no one around to negate it. However, 85% of students do not receive help from teachers or school staff. I believe that should be fixed and that teachers should actually show that they care. In a study in 2010 showed that 61% of the participants said that bullying was driving them to shoot other students. This is a very serious thing and if we really cared whether or not there was a school shooting we would focus on fixing the bullying situation. In that same study it shows that 23% of high school freshmen would carry a gun to school. With school shootings, it is shown that 75% of them are caused by bullying. The two main groups of students that get bullied are either overweight or part of the gay community. I believe students bully these groups because either their parents did or they are just so opposed to them. Since the invention of social media there has been a spike in cyberbullying, making it second to verbal bullying. An effect of any type of bullying can be suicidal tendencies; a study shows that students who are bullied think more about suicide than students who are not. Students who bully in middle school are more prone to vandalism, tardyness, theft, and fighting; also by the age of 20 will be arrested at some point. Statistics also show that the teens that are bullied or are the bullier range in ages twelve to seventeen. It is also believed that those children see an increase in violence in their schools. 80% of students have seen or been bullied online in some way, also 35% of students have been threatened online. Since bullying is such a prominent thing in
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