Persuasive Essay On School Bullying

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Eight year old Gabriel Taye was a ninth grade victim that was punched and knocked out by a group of students leading him to killing himself. This specific bullying attack occurred in school and the parent of Gabriel Taye was not notified of what happened. And, two days later Gabriel hung himself with a tie, to his bed. School bullying is now really known as one of the most powerful primary threats in school safety. The definition of school bullying includes a variety of things but these are the main four types of bullying that will be discussed include physical, verbal, and cyber bullying. School and Online bullying is a very huge problem that many students face in high school and very fatal actions are caused by bullying. Starting with physical bullying which takes place when the victim is either continuously touched, kicked, hit, or even tripped. This graph below is an overview of students who have consistently been a victim of physical bullying throughout high school. This is also a visual representation of students in various grade levels that have been bullied from the start of the year until the end of their year.

Figure 1 ( Bullying Statistics & Information )
Majority of in school physical bullying incidents start in the start of the year and continue from there. There is absolutely no supervision for most bullying incidents which is why it is easy to pick on someone without thinking about being punished. This has manifested in so many different ways over the past few years that’s led to actual deaths. Mallory Grossman had been completely taunted and hit in school for months. She was considered a loser and having no friends and was even questioned by her peers “ Why don’t you kill yourself?”. Unfortunately, she decided there was nothing else left to do and no one to reach out too which led to her death. The parents of Mallory had said that all of the bullying had taken place in class and she felt like she was targeted each day she stepped foot in class, she even stopped going to school. Nearly 40% of high school students think about suicide because of consistency of being bullied in school. When most of the incidents are taken place the victim feels alone and that could lead to suicidal thoughts.
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