Persuasive Essay On School Dress Codes

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For teens, Spring equates to: the rush of liberty in the warm wind breezing through arms and legs, skin illuminated in the sun, and stepping home after a bright school day; ice cream cone in hand. Spring equals paradise...though, in 2017, this image is torn to shreds, by the hand of an important issue: school dress codes. Despite its origin to ensure the physical comfort of all members within the school community; the current shape that the administration of school dress codes has taken is biased and bares menacing messages of inequality, especially to female students across Canada and the United States. Enforcement of dress codes has become subjective to uncontrollables such as geographical location, the beliefs of admin at different schools; and the physical traits of different students. In spite of administrative refutes, that, girls’ attire can reveal a distraction to male students; the true disturbance is the way schools are making assumptions on behalf of the boys on whether or not what they see is distracting them. In the end, it is evident that the real victims of interrupted educations are the girls themselves. Unlike the warming of temperature, the attitudes of schools only grows frostier towards the issue of “dress codes” as the days pass by. Shoulders, arms, legs, and collarbones; these days those limbs seem to exude an attention-diverting lust. Many schools state that clothing that does not comply with their regulations can potentially be a distraction to

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