Persuasive Essay On School Uniform

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For many year, the idea of school uniform has been viewed in society as the norm. Now that many our society is changing; many believe that school uniform should be removed, however I believe that schools should enforce uniforms. During a news study, stated “More than 19% of public school increased the enforcement of uniform code” ( The increase of school uniforms shows there is a greater positive result. This increase shows that many school should start adopting it. School uniforms can save a student from the many troubles he/she faces. Uniform policy allows for students to be in a stable environment, be ready to concentrate on learning, and less likely to be discriminated One of the goals of public schools is to create a secure environment for their students. A way that school uniform supports this idea of forming less violence. The reduction of violence is another way to have students focus on the significant of school. Many suggest that school uniform can reduce the amount of thief, and negative peer pressure. The sociology behind everyone feeling comfortable being around people who dress the same way they do can create less friction between two different people. Many of the bullying can happen to what is being worn by others. In a study shown by Long Beach officials, after establishing a school uniform the amount of violent has decreased 36% (Publicschoolreview). This can correlate to many factors including gang related violence. Where many gang

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