Persuasive Essay On School Uniform

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The uniform ensures a certain cohesion within a group, and offers a feeling of belonging, in this case, to a school institution. Rangers, firemen, policemen, flight attendants, nurses, soldiers, hoteliers, some priests wear a uniformity which allows to quickly identify their functions, and which offers a certain prestige to the profession. When a student wears a school uniform, we can quickly identify the school from which this pupil comes. In addition, wearing a school uniform can be considered as a rite that would allow the student to feel integrated into the larger school group or less quickly. Most students adhere more easily to the "codes" of THEIR school thanks to a uniform or a dress code that sometimes consists of some students rhetoric to print a sweatshirt with the name of the school. Wearing polo’s and khakis in private schools has long been customary almost universally because it symbolized the equality for all students, without religious and social distractions. If all schools required informs it would help put everyone back into retrospective making no child different from the next. The argument that school uniforms stifles student’s individuality and creativity, but in fact school uniforms helps fight against all forms of discrimination that may arise between students because of race, gender, religions and social classes. School uniform gives students a sense of unity, the encourage school harmony and they help reduce violence and promote a sense of security (enable the identification of intruders). By mandating uniforms in school young people are less distracted and are more focused on learning, uniforms simply help young people avoid the everyday hassle of always having to be fashionable because of today’s social media and society in a whole. Uniforms help eradicate social differences, it lessens commotion and lessen teasing about inequalities of what other are wearing. Many parents and students believe that wearing uniforms lessens student’s individuality and by wearing uniforms it will smother their personal expression. Another reason parent may not want their children wearing uniform because it can be a bit expensive, from firsthand experience I can related to it

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