Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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School uniforms are starting to be enforced more and more in schools as time goes on. Uniforms might limit self expression in their clothes but it does not limit their learning which is the whole purpose of going to school after all. School uniforms in both private and public schools can be beneficial to students in regards of their social and academic skills. School uniforms can help prevent bullying and will make it easier on some students and parents as well. This debate whether school uniforms should be enforced or not has been a debate that has been going on for years and having uniforms has more of a positive impact than a negative Enforcing school uniforms can decrease the rate in bullying. Considering that one of the main reasons kids get bullied are for their clothing, having them all wear the same thing will alleviate that problem. Also the children that come from a low income family won’t feel left out and like they don’t fit in because they can’t wear the newest “trends”. Uniforms can make the campus of any school more friendlier and have less problems with bullying. School uniforms will make everyone look the same and they all will be wearing the same brand so no student can feel embarrassed on where they got their clothes from or which brand it is. School uniforms can make life also easier for the parents. Some parents might struggle with money and with having uniforms it can make it easier on the parents because they don’t need to buy as much clothes, they can just keep washing them and reusing them. Majority of all private schools have school uniforms and it would be a good idea to just make all schools that way. Another pro to school uniforms is if there was an intruder or someone that does not belong to that school you will be able to tell easily. The common argument against uniforms is that they limit self expression but there are other ways you can express yourself. Not only can you express yourself in your personality but you can join other clubs to be involved and express yourself in them. With uniforms there is different options on what style/brand/color you would like to wear it doesn’t just limit you to one color and style. “It’s desperately much more difficult to implement

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