Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Uniforms a Dressed “Remember to bring professional clothes” was what my teacher said to a class the day before presentations. The response was a simultaneous groan from most of the students as we thought about having to wear dress clothes. However the short amount of time that we had to wear those clothes pales in comparison to all the students that have to use a school uniform. Day in and day out there are schools that require students to wear a specific kind of clothing instead of letting the students have a choice. While a uniform maybe uncomfortable to some it does offer some benefits, however the freedom to choose your own clothing is a better choice as its benefits are more versatile and long lasting. Uniforms, while restrictive, do offer a few positive points. One of the biggest benefits is that it prevents inappropriate clothing choices, and prevents ridicule based on clothing choices. This allows for students to focus less on what they wear, and gives them the ability to focus more on studying. Another positive point is that it provides a way of minimizing the ability to bring weapons to school as according to Brian Wilson in the article School dress codes improve the learning environment, “The National School Board Association estimates that approximately 135,000 guns are brought to America's 85,000 public schools each day.” Wilson then mentions how “Some schools even require students to have the belt line exposed at all times for fear of guns concealed under

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