Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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There are many hot topics going on in America whether it revolved around politics or even who should be Baseball’s next MVP. People have opinions on all sorts of topics and seem to express their thoughts through social media or face to face. One of the more overlooked topics is the requirement for all schools to implement school uniforms in the classroom for all students. Schools everywhere across the America are changing their policies due to changes of their dress code. Whether it be due to vulgar language, inappropriate content, or the same outfit for all students, this is becoming more popular across America. In a recent study done by Statistic Brain it has shown that twenty three percent of countries across of America have implemented…show more content…
“Students who can’t afford expensive or designer clothing are often an easy target to bullying” (Anderson 1). Dave Anderson is a credited author who wrote an article for ListLand and in it describes the top reasons school uniforms should be mandatory. One of his top reasons was the problems kids face due to their attire. Being rich or being poor should not take away from the great young kids and make school an unsafe place for them. Not only do school uniforms help with the bullying seen within school, they also help people feel connected and accepted. Much like a sports team, wearing the same outfit as those surrounding you, will help you feel like they are the same as you. Dave Anderson further elaborates on his previous reasons for wearing school uniforms and claims that, “Uniforms play a vital role in reducing peer pressure and raise the level of acceptability. Students in uniform feel united and connected”(Anderson 1). The amount of peer pressure someone may not have to endure, can make that person want to come back to school and be surrounding by the people they connect with. Due to the increase of students feeling accepted and less teasing, having school uniforms will make the entire atmosphere of schools change and promote positivity and an enjoyable place to be and feel welcome. Additionally, money saving is something that everyone wishes they could do better. This is a key reason why school uniforms

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