Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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As a society we value the individual choices that we are able to decide upon in our everyday life. School uniforms have a negative effect on students, due to the lack of individuality and self-image that they are able to express. Therefore passing student policies requiring school uniforms is misleading as it creates more issues than it solves. Students should feel they are different from everyone else and have to freedom to act the way they want and wear what they want. Enforcing school uniforms does not affect academic situations in any way for uniforms to be mandatory. Schools need to re-think their decision on school uniform policies for the mental and physical well-being of their students. In society we are able to express ourselves by what we wear, but that is not true for students who have school uniform policies. Students have freedom of expression, let them use it. Schools are too strict on kids, and are creating more problems for themselves than they can handle. In an article from, a student was suspended for violating a school uniform policy; however, he was protected from the courts. The student wore an “anti-Bush political statement shirt”, and suspended from school for violating the school dress code. However, the courts disagreed with the school acquisition. The student’s shirt depicted Bush surrounded by drugs and alcohol, causing the school to suspend him. The student should not have been suspended for freedom of expression. The shirt was

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