Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Beneficial Clothing for Schools Around the world many schools require their students to wear school uniforms. Many students do not adore this idea, but do they really know how it benefits them. Some wonder if these uniforms really improve their learning and experiences in school. Many questions do arise when schools consider this idea. The debate today is growing as schools try to figure out how they can enhance their school. There are many improvements in school systems when they make this decision to add school uniforms. Youngstown State University found that school uniform policies promote the rate of attendance, graduation suspension (Occupy Theory Staff). School uniforms can benefit not only the atmosphere where the student is learning, but also their focus on education to help them succeed in the future. An advantage of having school uniforms is it maintains students focus on education. Students are more likely to be centralized on the information taught by teachers. They will not be concerned about others clothing because everyone is wearing the same outfit. School uniforms improve the learning environment because it decreases the amount of bullying. Therefore, students get a better education because they are relaxed and can concentrate to their best. School uniforms prepare students for the real world. “Students learn responsibility by having a dress code because they have to keep the uniforms clean throughout the week” (Can the use of School Uniforms). When it comes

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