Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms In School

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School Uniforms
On a hot summer day in the middle of August, a loud ring is heard in the courtyard of a public schools where thousands of children wearing the same collared shirt, khaki pants, or pleated skirt with an upside-down smile as they pour into the lengthy school hallways. They leave behind their bathing suits, athletic shorts, and tank tops for the dark colored apparel that the school cherishes so much. These frowns are not because of the learning the children are about to endure but instead because of the attire they are forced to wear. According to a survey of Nevada students, 90% of youth said that they didn’t like having to wear a uniform at school. Let’s rewind a minute and think back to all our own first days of schools. The best part about going back was getting to go shopping beforehand in order pick up a unique first day of school outfit that no one else would have. By requiring students to wear specific attire it takes away the excitement of the first day of school. The problem of requiring public school students to wear school uniforms not only restricts student’s freedom of expression but also promotes conformity as well as undermines the promise of a free education, which is why the best solution in this situation would be to banned uniforms in public school systems.
No two children are exactly alike, and each child is raised to have their own ideas, and opinions. Many students express their thoughts through the clothing choices they choose to wear. By requiring children to wear school uniforms, it minimizes their freedom of expression.
“Clothing is also a popular means of expressing support for various social causes and compulsory uniforms largely remove that option.” By not allowing children to embrace their different clothing styles, it takes away their rights to have opinions on various matters. Some would say that the lack of support on various social causes in school lessens distraction in the learning community however students still find ways to express their opinions through other avenues. Therefore, requiring school uniforms is not the solution for controlling opinions.
Growing up, parents teach their children not to be a follower but instead a leader. However, that

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