Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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"Be daring, be bold, be different" they say, as they stick you in a uniform that camouflages you within the crowd of hundreds of other students wearing green and blue. School is supposed to be a place that encourages you to be unique. Yet, they set restrictions when it comes to uniforms. Uniforms are meant to make everyone equal, but schools manage to reverse it's intended effects. First and foremost, uniforms have been around for longer than I can remember. They are meant to maintain order and equality, while simultaneously giving the image of a flawless and rigid school. There are many students who despise the fact that they have to wear uniforms at school. As a student myself, I know that the best feeling is feeling comfortable in whatever you're wearing. By allowing the students to wear their own clothes that they chose, they are automatically put in a better mood than if they were to put on a uniform they didn't want to wear. As a student who has to wear a uniform, the rare days that I am allowed to wear what I want are some of the best days I have at school. Even though uniforms take away the hassle of worrying about what to wear daily, it doesn't leave it as an option unless the school advises the students otherwise. In addition, students are required to pay for uniforms that are not cheap. The school uniform for girls is a school polo shirt with shorts, long pants, or a skort; each more expensive than the one before. Sometimes people need to pay extra to go get them hemmed because they are too long, adding more cost to the uncomfortable clothing. Boys are required to wear a polo shirt with cargo shorts or long pants. Many say that buying regular clothes is more expensive, but I recall paying hundreds of dollars in uniform clothing between my brother and I for school. Who wants to pay that much money for uncomfortable clothing? Not to mention the cost of the uniforms for sports and clubs, which cost even more money than the regular uniforms. A friend of mine on the dance team tells me constantly about the high price she has to pay for their outfits. Do you really want to pay an unacceptable amount of money for a few select outfits you would never wear outside of school? Moreover, uniform doesn't just

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