Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Sports teams, the military, and the work force all require uniforms to keep clean, unified, and organized appearances. Wearing a uniform can provide a sense of belonging and purpose to those looking to be apart of something. While one might think the issue of implementing uniforms in school is a more recent issue, the truth reveals something different. School uniforms have been present in the world longer than one may think. According to, uniforms were first implemented in an England school as early as the year 1222 (Meleen). Nowadays, uniforms have a much different look than they did in that time. Schools often implement their colors into their uniforms to promote team spirit and school pride. Uniforms create a sense of unity amongst peers and instructors, which makes the institution a more effective place for learning. While still wearing a uniform, students have many other ways to express their individuality through: music, art, writing, and sports. They also have the power to provide a more professional look and attitude towards school. While there is a common belief that school uniforms are detrimental to the classroom environment, uniforms actually create a safer and more encouraging setting for both teachers and students, and they make life easier for both parents and their students. School uniforms promote a safe and healthy learning environment. In the typical American classroom today, students are not mandated to wear uniforms. This can cause issues

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