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Growing up, I attended a Catholic elementary school, middle school, and high school. I found it easier to attend and focus on school when wearing the same clothes as everyone else. Today, tiny southern towns even to the nation's largest cities, public school uniforms have become so common this year that in many areas, they are no longer the exception, but the rule (Lewin “Dress for Success: Public School Uniforms”). Imagine a parent’s comfort in knowing their child was being treated as an equal at school each and every day. No judgment or hassle on picking out an outfit to impress anyone. With the implementation of school uniforms, the most comfort for us, students, is possible. There is a vast amount of controversy on the way school…show more content…
Dividing students by the way the look and their finical stability leads to bullying. Those who are more fashion forward may target other students who are not fashion forward, resulting in long-term problems caused by bullying. Caitlin Kelly, a young girl entering a new high school in Toronto wrote about how bullying “scarred” her. She says, “I was fourteen and also new to a public school, having attended only private and mainly single-sex schools in grades four to nine. Boys were alien species. I had no idea how to dress fashionably…” (Kelly “PressReader”). This girl’s lack of fashion sense resulted in her being picked on and taunted by boys and girls every day. Nobody should have to go through this kind of pain, and she surely did not deserve the cruelty she received for so long. The bullying students experience due to a lack of fashion sense in schools is absurd, and this can be eliminated with school uniforms. Second, school uniforms will increase student’s academic success significantly. With school uniforms, it is guaranteed that they will not be a distraction to students. In schools where no uniforms are implemented, students may focus a considerably large amount on what other students are wearing, instead of focusing on the learning. I now attend a public university, where students are free to wear and look however they please. I tend to notice what certain students are wearing when

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