Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Everybody that attended school either was freely able to wear what they want, or they wore a school uniform. School uniforms is a highly debated topic among parents, teachers, and students throughout the world. It has even been to the court. Everyone has either been in a school, went to school, or knows what goes on in school, therefore, it relates to all. While it may be argued that school uniforms shouldn’t be worn in school, they should be worn in school, because they decrease bullying in schools, and make schools much safer. Having students wear uniforms in school will decrease the amount of bullying that occurs in schools today. Currently in todays time, uniforms have been known to diminish the amount of bullying that occurs in school. One study reveals that “Two-thirds of parents say wearing a school uniform puts students on a level playing field and makes their life easier, according to the survey of 1,318 teachers, parents and pupils. Seven in 10 respondents believe uniforms reduce the pressure on young people to wear the latest fashion, a factor in bullying” (Dunne). By supplying uniforms in schools, bullying is cut down by a great deal. Students today want to wear the latest and coolest fashion to look stylish in school. However, many parents can’t afford it, so students are projected to bullying for not having these so called trendy clothes. So by wearing a uniform everyone is dressed the same. Students at schools today become friends from what they have

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