Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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School Uniforms 23% of public and private schools enforce a uniform policy. This number has grown since the year 2000 and is still continuing to grow (Ashby). School uniforms have many benefits, but they also have disadvantages. Some people believe that school uniforms take away expression and individuality from students. They believe that allowing kids to express themselves through their clothing is a freedom that should not be taken away. Others believe that school uniforms are beneficial because they decrease bullying and put less pressure on students to look a certain way. School uniforms can also cause the environment in a school to feel more professional and unified by keeping the focus on learning. Students in America would benefit from all schools requiring uniforms. People dislike school uniforms because they believe they take away the uniqueness from individual students. However, school uniforms allow students to look and feel equal, which in turn can decrease bullying. Common victims of bullies are students who come from families struggling with money. In the U.S., an average of 51% of all students come from low-income families (Bidwell). This can be evident through the tattered shoes and hand-me-downs in which students show up to school. Wearing uniforms to school creates a barrier between economic classes, which makes it less obvious that students come from struggling families. This helps students to be equal and decreases bullying based on income and

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