Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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In public schools, the prevalence of wearing school uniforms persists to rise in the USA, as school administrators and parents set forth efforts for making our schools a secure place for the children. However, making school uniform mandatory for all children do deny them their freedom of expression to dress in accord to their choices. Virtually 20% of all public schools in the USA have adopted mandates of school uniform. A survey conducted by the National Survey of School Leaders divulges Uniform Trends in 2013, reveal that there is a stable increase of formal dress or uniform code policies in schools. Leaders at the school who were surveyed infer that their existing uniform code policy had a major reduction on bullying by 64 percent and peer pressure by 86 percent (NAESP, 2013) So all public schools should adopt a school uniform policy as it provides a more secure environment in school and motivates students to concentrate more on studies and keep them away from various distractions
A lot of parents and school administrators suppose that uniforms generate an improved environment of learning at school. Primarily, a lot of schools administrators assert that students are not as diverted by how they appear, and as a result, consume additional time learning at school. The peer pressures of getting the latest fashionable dresses with the “topmost” brands are decreased, in particular when students may not wear uniforms made particularly from well known brand name

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