Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Us as students often like to express ourselves through clothing, and having the school board or county to take away that one simple right and giving students uniforms would take away their right to express themselves freely and individually. If schools want students to not feel imprisoned in anyway or feel obligated to something they don’t have any interest in, they should NOT have mandatory uniforms. School uniforms limit individuality in some ways that certain humans take seriously. Schools without uniforms are filled with various colors of people’s choice and having this sometimes helps the students and even staff get the overall mood of the school environment. With uniforms, the school would be one or two colors, creating a boring and almost depressing mood. Also, there is the fact or opinion, some people call it, that school uniforms can be ugly and people having to deal with this everyday could make people angry, setting a bad tone each day. Feeling free is considered very important key to school students, especially teenagers. While the students are already held back by certain rules and restrictions, they still feel as if they should have freedom by simply choosing their own clothes and even shoes, which some school uniforms require them to have certain ones. With school uniforms, this would take away that sense or feeling of freedom. Without this freedom, this could cause major issues. One issue would be kids acting out. They would still feel that they have to

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