Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Working at a school had allowed me to witnessed the different reactions of families from different culture and beliefs. School uniforms should be a choice, not a requirement. In the state of Rhode Island the dress codes was issued during the Clinton endorsement in his 1996 state of the union address. Many schools in Rhode Island had adopted the regulation, however, in many schools it is strongly encouraged, but not yet a requirement. Based on statistics, 17 out of 22 public schools is involved in the “experimental program”. The purpose for my paper is to show all the different aspects of the situation, not just one side. I believe uniforms do create a sense of unity, respect, eliminate competition, pressure and assault, but I also think all families should be heard. The school board of education should try to find a method to please everyone and come up with a method that fits all. In Rhode Island, the encouragement was issued with the plan for ending bullying and bringing up grades. It is a great thought, but I think bullying should be addressed in the emotional area and for the increased of grades, it should be addressed by evaluating student’s way of learning, background and their current environment. Many of us agree with the plan, but a high portion of families feel discomfort for being unheard of. Statistics shows that it has been harder to enforce the policy to high school students than it is to students in lower grades. Many families have brought the situation to the

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