Persuasive Essay On Security In The World

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Today in the 21st century, safety has been at the forefront of our society, as lawmakers and media alike portray it as the most important issue in America currently. To provide a safer environment for all the constituents of the United States, as well as those of the Islamic faith, it is necessary to avoid interloping in other nations’ affairs. Many of the United States’ disputes and wars have stemmed from its involvement in other nations’ political or belief-based affairs. The United States is a country founded on the principles of equality and certain freedoms, and have been brandished all over our government documents and supported by the people of our nation. Contrasting with the policy of isolationism it once had, the United States has sees itself involved with many different groups and nations of diverse ethnicities and beliefs. The United States must take action and reconcile our differences, both culturally and politically, to revitalize peace with groups and nations willing to still do so. However, for those who wish not to establish peace nor accept our forgiveness, they may be the ones we label as threats to our country’s safety. Only those who use cowardly acts of extreme violence as a source of intimidation to the United States should be labeled as terrorists. This terrorism has been an exponentially increasing source of fear for the United States in recent decades. Whilst such acts may be inexorable and unavoidable, and terminating the existence of terrorism is a faulty hope, considering the fact that terrorism can be found universally and daily in places like our own cities or online, there are ways the United States can reduce such instances to promote a safer environment overall.
The United States was once a country of isolation. Having been founded on the freedom of zero involvement of other countries, this policy made complete sense. Aside from its own local wars such as the Spanish-American War and the Mexican-American War, the United States had maintained relative solitude, even imposing tariffs on non-American goods. However, this soon ended; first the Monroe Doctrine, then World War I and subsequent wars and policies, notably from Truman in the form of the Truman Doctrine. Soon, the
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