Persuasive Essay On Self-Talk

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Burton and Raedeke (2008) discuss that there are two voices in our heads. “The rational and supportive that helps you stay positive and performing to your best (e.g., Smart Talk) and then the Critic (e.g., negative self-talk) that causes self-doubt, negative thoughts, worry” (p. 102). Smart-talk leads to a flow mindset (p. 102) by boosting confidence, maintaining an optimistic attitude, promoting concentration at crucial moments, enhancing motivation to push your limits, creating an optimal level of arousal, and ensuring posie and mental toughness when confronting failure or adversity (p. 104).
According to McGuire (2012), self-talk is the most important conversation you will ever have with yourself. It’s powerful. In sticking to my idea to keep it short and simple, I propose intertwining my mental skill training (MST) program using a goal setting framework goal. For example, an athlete would have self-talk ready to initiate regarding the process (e.g., the movement or the strategy related to the next step in an action plan toward a specific outcome goal using words like “breathe”, “shake”, & “clip”). Then, a few encouraging words to themselves regarding any performance milestones (e.g., when the athlete hit a certain number of points or ran a new distance record, for example, that were related to achieving a higher level of performance in the journey toward the outcome goal using words like “perfect” and “best seen to date”) that could elicit a release of the

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