Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education

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Every year in the United States an estimated 19 million people will become infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STD Trends), one in six women and one in thirty-three men will become the victim of sexual assault (Sexual Violence). 9.2% of children in 2010 were the victim of a sexual crime (Child Sexual Abuse) and 229,715 babies in 2015 were born to teenage mothers (Teen Pregnancy) The national epidemic of sexual infections, sexual assault and underage mothers is on the rise in the United States, leaving parents and professionals alike scrambling for answers about why this is happening and how to keep people safe and healthy. There is evidence to believe that the problems the country is facing are starting as early as elementary school. Children in America are not all receiving a form of sexual education, or they are not receiving the same information as their peers (Blackman, Scotti, Heller). In the United States there is currently no requirement to teach sexual education and there are exceedingly few mandates about what should be covered (Blackman, Scotti, Heller). The United States congress must implement and rigorously enforce a mandated and standardized sexual education curriculum in all public schools throughout K-12 education because there is no current system, it will teach children about healthy relationships, and it has been proven to raise the age teenagers begin having sex and lowers pregnancy rates. As of 2017, United States congress does not
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