Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education

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I think it is safe to say that no two words elicit more feelings of concern, anxiety, and anger in parents, and stirs up more controversy and debate than the words “sexual education”. This especially true with the implementation of the new, revised sexual education curriculum in Ontario schools. Consequently, this controversy has strongly divided individuals, families, and organizations between those who approved of and those who opposed and protested against school-based programs that providee sexual health education to children. But why so much opposition? This is due to the significant changes made to the sexual education curriculum and the sensitive nature of the topics being taught to children regarding sexuality as a whole, changes which are seen as both radical and “even more explicit and more age-inappropriate than before…” (“Ontario’s Radical,” n.d.).

It is no surprise that with the Internet at our fingertips and being just one Google search away from any source of information, image, or video, today’s youth have “easy access to both helpful and potentially harmful and incorrect information” (“Sex education,” 2015). In fact, despite all of the current sources of information available to young people, the Internet “has become a key source of information about sexuality and sexual health” (Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus, & McKay, 2014). As a result, youth today are far more knowledgeable around the topic of sex and other aspects of sexual health than most people were
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