Persuasive Essay On Sexual Slavery

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DoSomething.Org, a global movement of over 5.5 million people, states that there are approximately 20 to 30 million sexual slaves in the world today, of which 80% are women, and half of that are children. That is a lot of people getting trapped into the sex trafficking business that will most likely spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off their debts or dying of aids. However, some women get happy endings. A lot of intelligent, confident, courageous women are now doing what they can to fight against sexual slavery in hopes that they will make an impact, and prevent other young, innocent girls from becoming sexual slavery victims. These are women who are reaching out to complete strangers and telling their stories to warn them, taking their offenders to court, and volunteering at charities and organizations that are trying to put a stop to sexual slavery. Many successful women who have escaped brothels from all over the world are fighting back to stop sexual slavery. The girls who are reaching out to potential victims by informing them about what really goes on in brothels are truly making a difference. They do whatever they can to warn the abuse and pain that happens in the brothels, as said in the book Sold, a novel by Patricia McCormick: "Some girls go door to door in the country's most isolated villages to explain what really happens to girls who leave home with strangers promising good jobs" (McCormick, 365). Many girls believe they will have good work in
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