Persuasive Essay On Silence

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When bad things happen in the world, people should not be forced to stay silent. Silence causes people to be submissive to the injustices going on and to the people that partake in them. When the act of silence is enforced, freedom is no longer present. In the movie “Hidden Figures” and the texts “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “Revolution 2.0”, people are challenged by the problems in their own worlds and fight to overcome them through speaking up and protesting. The true meaning of freedom is the ability to come together and speak out on injustice and the wrongdoings of others to ultimately make a change. Martin Luther King Jr. had witnessed his fair share of problems within his world. He and people with the same color of skin as himself were discriminated against every single day of their lives. Segregation was enforced with the intentions of being separate but equal. Nothing about segregation was equal. African Americans were lynched, beaten, and called things no one should ever repeat and they still managed to find a voice and be heard. In “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, Martin Luther King Jr. says,” Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue” (pg 322). If the African Americans did not protest and speak up for what is right then they could still be waiting for equality and their freedom to exist. Egypt was once a heartbroken and beaten country. Their unemployment, poverty, and homelessness rates had reached an all time high, children were anemic, newborn death rates were the highest in the world, thousands of Egyptians were diagnosed with cancer due to polluted water, and the list continues. The Egyptian government was doing nothing to solve the problems of their crippled country. On Jan25 everything changed. Over 50,000 Egyptian people contributed to a page on Facebook dedicated to the fight against the Egyptian government. In the memoir “Revolution 2.0” Wael Ghonim tells his audience the messages that he shared to the people of Egypt that participated on Jan25. “Our collective participation on Jan25 is the beginning of the end-the end of silence, acceptance, and submission
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