Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Some people believe that smoking is not good for your long term health while others think that it’s fine if you decide to smoke. People think smoking cigarettes can help cope with many of problems such as feeling depressed, having trouble sleeping, feeling irritable, having trouble focusing, and poverty. Many adults are aware of the long term affects to your health if you smoke any kind of cigarettes. While, teenagers are uneducated to what can happen, their mentality is that “it will never happen to me.” In 1949, dentists suggested smoking Viceroys over anything else because Viceroys filtered the smoke. In 2014 however, it’s believed that smoking can cost more than just money. In the last advertisement, facts are provided as to why you shouldn’t smoke and that smoking affects everyone. It is evident that one favors smoking while the other two are against smoking. The first advertisement, from 2014, is a “Real Cost Commercial.” The commercial begins with a young male who goes to a grocery store. The man is wearing a flannel with a blue shirt underneath. He appears to be buying cigarettes and he lives in a poor town. At the beginning of the commercial, you're able to see the town around the store and everything looks run down. While he is at this grocery store he buys a pack of cigarettes, the worker says, “that’s not enough.” The facial expression of the young man was confused and annoyed. He looks like he knows that there are repercussions of smoking. The male then removes

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