Persuasive Essay On Social Engineering

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The meaning of social engineering is when a hacker pretends they are a friend or a company and tries to get your private information, and it is a large and growing issue in today’s society. Today’s society is too trusting on how reliable some emails seem to be. They know not to trust some emails, but then there are some that are too deceiving and convince them to give up top-secret information, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, or even passwords to their accounts by creating a page that looks like the exact company homepage but it is not.
We have all heard about emails such as the one about a prince from Nigeria whose assets have been frozen and so forth, and we all know that’s a bunch of total nonsense. Hackers that use social engineering could attach certain malware to their emails and once you open it unless you have a good enough antivirus program, your computer is done for and they have access to all your details. Three matters everyone should learn about when talking about social engineering are the most famous tactics, famous hacker Kevin Mitnick, and ways to prevent it.
The first tactic that a hacker who uses social engineering could use would be pretending that they are a friend. Let us say you are scavenging your emails when you notice one from an old-time friend and has a link along with a bunch of nonsense about how a company is practically giving away free stuff to people who click on the link. You would be endangering your secret

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