Persuasive Essay On Social Media Beheading

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Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram; social media is one of the biggest fads in this present day. People use these apps to stay up to date on all the latest news and events that their friends are doing. Some might even say that people nowadays are almost obsessed with social media. But, what people don't realize is that one of their pictures could be stored right next to a video of a beheading. The Islamic state’s most powerful weapon in their fight against the western countries is social media. The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria or Isis for short is a radical jihadist group from the middle east. The goal of this group is to convert everyone to an extreme version of Sunni Islam, whether the person wants to or not. Anyone who doesn’t convert…show more content…
But, what is it that is driving these people to travel to a place where they are certain to die? The answer to that question is social media. Isis has developed many working techniques on how to recruit people online. One of these techniques is using popular hashtags. Members of Isis will post pictures with pro Isis messages and then they will tag the pictures with popular picture. So, when someone else posts a picture with the same hashtag if someone clicks on the tag they might see the pro Isis message. This is a very flawed method because if someone who doesn’t support Isis sees it, they could report the picture and get the poster’s account deleted. But, it is worth the risk because it is possible a passive Isis supporter sees the picture and takes up the fight with Isis.Another strategy Isis tries is they try to communicate with people in a very kind way and make Isis seem like a good thing. This exact thing happened to Alex, a 23 year old christian turned Isis member. Alex, was a young woman with a boring life who was interested in trying something new. After a witnessing a beheading video, Alex became interested in Isis. Almost instantly after looking for pro Isis members on twitter, she was being contacted by multiple members of Isis. When talking to these members the conversations were very casual and they used smiley faces and abbreviations to make them seem…show more content…
Beheadings, bombings, parents grieving the death of terror victims, these are just a few of the things you will see. As much as Isis wants to be welcoming to pro Isis, they want to scare people who are anti Isis with death unless they do what they want. They also are trying to make people think that they are not the enemy but, America is the true enemy (Carter ) One example of these is the beheading video of James Foley. During this video Foley talks about how Isis is not his real killer, but America is actually his killer (suspected to be scripted) he then goes to tell his family how America wasn’t thinking of them when they are bombing Iraq. Then Foley is killed (Unknown). Isis also tries to scare us by warning us of possible terror attacks that might happen. For example, last year around the Fourth of July Isis said that they were going to make it a “bloody Friday”. But, they didn’t tell The U.S when, where, or how they were going to attack. in the end they didn’t attack and they were just trying to make the government paranoid or their plans were ruined before anything happened (Dodrill). As previously stated Isis likes to use Twitter as one of its primary type of social media. It is easy to get their message across without giving away their identity. They also used to try and scare Americans. One example of one of these tweets is when it says, “ Don’t come to
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