Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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In the emerging age of technology, it is difficult to ignore the immense advantage that the Internet has to offer. It is thus without a doubt that social media is beneficial to activism due to its ability to spread information faster than ever before, and to a larger audience. A social media campaign is a beneficial resource for attracting activists to a cause because it is a useful mean for mass communication; it propagates global support (Starbird & Palen, 2012), and allows for recruit of marginal group members (Postmes & Brunsting, 2002). Specifically, social media facilitates the communication and connectivity of leaders to the grass root members, emphasizes group unity, and readily motivates the involvement of otherwise apathetic individuals (Gladwell, 2014). Although the legitimacy of this new form of activism has been doubted (Gladwell, 2014; McCafferty, 2011), it is difficult to ignore the overwhelming benefits that social networking has to offer. The valuable impact of the Internet can no longer be overlooked; instead, it should be embraced and implemented to its full potential to ensure the success activism campaigns. Social media is effective at improving the efficiency of existing social orders, and helps organize and support social movements. Indeed, social media is credited with the ability to improve existing collective actions because it creates adaptable networks (Gladwell, 2010), provides anonymity for freedom of expression (Postmes &

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