Persuasive Essay On Social Security Retirement

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In some eyes America has a great retirement program. Pay money into Social Security and then be able to retire at a certain age. Some people believe the Social Security money is going to be nonexistent in the near future. That wouldn’t be bad though. If the government can't help us retire that’s great because we don’t have to rely on them as much. We would have to work for the rest of our lives, which is also great because that would teach us how to appreciate a hard earned dollar. Some people complain that if we have to work for the rest of our lives then the unemployment rate will go up because there would be no new job openings, but hey first come first serve right? Since a few Americans believe this is such a big deal I have come up with a brilliant way to fix our Social Security problem. I'm sure you have heard of the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new." Well, my solution is quite similar, lets just get rid of the elderly people. Of course there would be a certain qualifying age. Now, I have several different wonderful ideas on how to execute this plan. One way to discreetly get rid of them is to send them off to a shuffle-board filled "nursing…show more content…
Well, I have come up with one more genius idea. Why don't we just encourage them to leave on their own? We already know the elderly don't appreciate modern technology like cell phones and earbuds. Why don't we pay young people to go around blasting their rap and vulgar music around the elderly population? We could have telemarketers constantly call and make other similar activities occur.We could then advertise a new secluded community for American citizens over the age of seventy, that doesn't have any advanced technology other than the basics like toilets. Just like the good old days. When the elderly arrive at the secluded community we can ship them off to a small village in Antarctica with no return address, and then BAM. They are no longer America's
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