Persuasive Essay On Social Violence

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Social injustice happens daily around the world and it is all around us. As soon as we turn on the news in the morning or check our social media we see something new every day that continues to surprise us. Elders relentlessly insist that our world is becoming a terrifying place to live as is just now speaking up on the pressing, severe, and crucial issue that millions of people deal with daily. Sexual assault in our society today is a punch line that most consider comical. We do not take it seriously in the least bit due to the simple fact that generations before ours have made it that way. Sexual assault is the most unreported violent crime in the United States. Only 11% of rapes are reported on campuses because most victims believe their allegations are not serious enough to report (Staying Safe on Campus). Not only do women face sexual assault but 1 out of 50 men do too. In this proposal argument, I will be addressing the following issues that have caused this crime to become a societal norm today; the classification of sexual assault, the media portrayal that follows every sexual accusation, the burdens of recent cases, and how we can raise awareness to reach as many people we possibly can. Sexual assault is not only an issue in today’s society, but a social issue that almost every person faces at least once in their life. If we, as a race, can seek to change these criminal acts, we can stop the main stream portrayal of sexual assault in the media to become more aware
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