Persuasive Essay On Soda Consumption

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When we first hear the word soda, we often imagine sugary like sweetness that comes in all flavors, cavities, and often times ever increasing waist lines. We are even so quick to label soda consumption as one of the main contributors to obesity, but not so fast. As a wise man once said, “Everything is poison; it just depends on the dose.” There Are numerous factor that contribute to obesity such as genetics (hormonal imbalances), alcohol consumption, fast food and societal propaganda. The overall obesity pandemic that countries and even the world are currently experiencing is quite literally a bottom up problem. Putting a limitation on something as minuscule as soda will not bear fruitful results because soda consumption is not the main issue.…show more content…
It is beginning to apply to everyone, one in five people will be considered obese/overweight by 2025. So what is the issue?? The issue we are so obsessed with the now. “I’m hungry now, I want mangos now, and I want to eat now; now, now, and now.” So instead of investing in healthy foods and local foods, we turn to fast foods, processed foods and genetically modified foods that make us sick. A renowned nutritionist from Massachusetts General Hospital goes as far as saying, “Fast food is not health food and never will be, so the idea is never to make it a habit.” Fast food the name in itself states that it is fast food, neither natural nor healthful but fast. It is interesting how we believe the foods we buy from McDonalds, we cook in the microwave, and we order in the restaurants are healthy. But when we get right down to it majority of the ingredients in our food is sugar. Soda is not the only place we get sugar. Many people are under the impression that not only does alcohol reek of sophistication but it also keeps the extra pounds at bay. It keeps the cellulite away and the dreaded muffin top at bay. However, recent studies are beginning to dispute this. Recent findings show that excessive consumption can be linked to weight gain because certain alcoholic beverages can range as high as one hundred calories per gram. Pair
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