Persuasive Essay On Space Exploration

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The priority of a government can be seen in how it spends its money; more than 4 decades ago that we were racing the Soviets for superiority in space exploration, and President Kennedy’s famous challenge “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. Kennedy defined a clear and measurable goal, and then rallied support to make that goal a reality. During the 60’s, the moon landing was bursting with funding and public support, with its inevitable climax, that all dried up. Americans were no longer interested in the space program, “We landed a man on the moon, we won, what else was left to do?”. America’s budget made it very clear that space exploration wasn’t a major priority. The American Government is in a serious debt, and is adding to that deficit every year, and they’ve decided to start pulling from less important projects, such as our good old friends at NASA, giving them the smallest portion of any other major agency on the federal budget. However, is the decision to pull money from, and abandon, the space program such a wise idea?
NASA’s primary goal is the exploration of space, but to do so, tons of other research needs to be done, biological, environmental, and physical, etc. Teflon-coated fiberglass developed in the 1970s as a new fabric for astronaut spacesuits has been used as a permanent roofing material for buildings and stadiums worldwide. In a joint effort with the National Bureau of Standards, they invented
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