Persuasive Essay On Sport Cars

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Previously sport cars were only designed to be fast and nimble. To achieve these characteristics, sacrifices had to be made. For example, these cars were not equipped with luxurious materials such as genuine leather or exotic wood. Additionally, space had to be forfeit to minimize weight which allows the car to be agile. Due to these limitations, most people stray away from sport cars. To present day, Porsche has made the perfect sport car featuring the traditional aspect of a sport car but with added practicality for modern usage. The Porsche commercial successfully convinced the audience that their cars were designed for everyday use by providing visual examples of the car in different situations and music to lighten the ambiance and monologue…show more content…
As the car approaches, the kids smiled and ran towards the car. The mom was greeted with great excitement displaying an overall good mood. The commercial shows off the back seat of the Porsche by having the mom push the passenger seat forward with ease allowing the kids to enter the backseats. The next shot has the mom run her hand along the steering wheel implying that it is made of quality materials and a pleasure to touch. Coincidently, the Porsche was painted yellow to resemble a school bus. The text “school bus” appeared to let the audience know that the Porsche can transport kids similar to that of a school…show more content…
The song repeated the word “feel good” several times to evoke positive emotion from the audience. When the school bus scene starts, the audience can hear the monologue “A car design for a singular purpose, yet somehow manages to be much more. Porsche, Engineered for magic, everyday”. In addition to the illustrations, music and narrative added the third sense to the commercial. The monologue “A car design for a singular purpose, but somehow manages to be much more.” allows the viewers to realize that Porsche were not originally designed to be a snow mobile, pickup truck, or a school bus but they can adapt the roles of those vehicle.
The commercial was successful by using camera angles, lighting, and composition simultaneously to showcase the sophisticatedly designed Porsche. Throughout the scenes, the Porsche were presented with difficult and outlandish situations where the vehicles did not expect to perform sufficiently to show how the Porsche can adapt to difficult circumstances. The usages of music set up a positive mood throughout the advertisement. The narrative was added to reinsure the viewers that Porsches were made for a singular purpose and that purpose is to do
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