Persuasive Essay On Sports

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Imagine a world without competition. Imagine a world where every student that couldn’t solve a simple math equation was accepted into an Ivy League school such as Harvard, or Yale. That wouldn’t be very safe now, would it? The student that we were counting on to create the “next best” medical technology had no idea what they were doing because the only reason they got into the school was that the dean “didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.” Although this is a far stretch, this is the reality people like Satasky in “Children Need to Play, Not Compete” wish could come true in today’s children’s sports. Playing sports for 15 years of my life and competing competitively for 11 of them have done nothing but good for me. Obviously, there have been hardships such trying my best to juggle sports and my many other obligations without letting any of them fall beneath the other, but I did it, and I owe it all to the many years of playing. Although children’s sports are becoming increasingly competitive, their parents are playing a major role in the risk of injury and other mental hardships, such as their child being discouraged if they don’t make the cut. However, the values the children learn by playing competitively such as perseverance and the opportunities that they bring upon themselves through hard work outweigh the disadvantages. With playing a competitive sport at a young age comes great responsibility not only on the child but the parent’s end as well. The underline problem

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