Persuasive Essay On Sports Gambling

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Gambling, a hobby to some and an addiction to others is the main focus of Christie V. NCAA. The case, brought forth by New Jersey, argues for sports betting to be allowed in order to save the otherwise decaying casino industry New Jersey is famous for.Now what exactly could be prohibiting such an act? The answer is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA for short. This law enacted in 1992, prevented any state to sponsor,promote,license,or authorize by law the wagering on sports. Some states got around the act and were allowed to continue sports betting, those being Nevada,Oregon,Montana, and Delaware. The latter three had already legalized sports betting and were not forced to discontinue such. Nevada, has legalized any and all types of gambling, sports included. New Jersey actually had a chance to join these states in sports gambling. A clause in PASPA allowed for any state who had commercial gambling to legalize sports as long as they met the following criteria: To have had commercial gambling for at least ten years and to also legalize sports gambling within the first year of PASPA’s lifecycle. New Jersey was the only state to qualify and yet they could not pass sports betting in that year of 1993. Well why exactly does New Jersey want something that they didn’t in 1993? The answer is money. With sports betting, New Jersey could regulate this, tapping into the ever growing activity which could nets around 150 billion a year. Injecting such into a

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