Persuasive Essay On Sports Research Paper

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What seems more important to you: having your child participate in a sport and gain lifelong skills and become healthier, or watch from the sidelines just to avoid a possible injury? I’m sure that the answer is pretty obvious, option one. Sports (as we used to know it) was fun, healthy and something everyone was excited to sign up for. Now, it is being put under the bus for being ‘dangerous’ and ‘degrading’. Many people say that competitive sports have a high risk of injury and negative impact on self esteem, therefore being a bad thing for the child, however, due to the character building and health benefits, competitive sports are the perfect activity for children.
One reason competitive sports should be encouraged is that it builds character. According to the ‘Sports and Health in America’, “ …the players confidence increased…” and “…feelings of hopefulness amongst the young people also increased…” (Sports and Health in America) This evidence is significant because it shows how the players confidence and hopefulness increases when they do sports. Even though some people say competitive sports degrade players, in reality teamwork can only do good. In ‘XYZ news’ it stated “The competition is bad and degrades players.” (Everdeen) But in reality , teamwork can only do good. At the end of the day it boils down to the child. Imagine if you were
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Often times children need guidance to make the right decisions. According to ‘Top 10 Health Benefits of Youth Sports’, “…52% less likely to skip school.” and “…46% less likely to do drugs.” (Top 10 Health Benefits of Youth Sports) This suggests that sports players are given more/better guidance that non sports players. Nevertheless some say that sports make you too social. A parent from Ohio claimed “My child has become too social. She doesn't focus academically or do her school work.” (Everdeen) But on the whole sports are very
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