Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing Many students around the United States have been taking standard tests since grades as young as pre-kindergarten. Standardized tests are said to prepare students for future courses and provide them with lots of useful information. These tests are supposed to be effective and fair ways of testing students and further the student's education. While many states governments believe these tests are beneficial to students the list of cons outweighs the list of pros. But are these tests actually valuable to students education? Students can be tested from the time they start pre-k and up into high school. Students, on average, take 112 standardized tests and spend over 250 hours taking these tests throughout all of grade school. These tests cause severe stress in younger students who want to do well on these tests, but older students couldn't care less about the tests and have been known to have fun due to the fact that they do not affect their grades. These tests have gotten more expensive over the years and because students have realized that they mean nothing to their future it has become a waste of money. Not only have these tests become a waste of money but a waste of students and teacher's time. Time spent preparing students for these tests throughout the year has taken away from class time and away from what the teachers really need to teach. Teachers have begun to modify their curriculum to fit the test to ensure that their students pass. Teachers can
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