Persuasive Essay On Stereotyping

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Stereotyping Introduction I have come to recognize stereotyping as one of the worst evils in our society today, not just because of its facts-erosive nature, but as well due to the spectrum of our population that get swept away by its current. A majority of our population gets blind-folded by what seems true, while the facts stay ignored even when they are open before our eyes. The problem of stereotyping is not just American. Down to the West of Africa in Cameroon, a young American woman can still be stereotyped, though the stereotyping could be right to some limited extent. Nonetheless, this is a problem that has curbed my own view when it comes to facts, shaping me as a better person for myself and for our society. What is Stereotyping? Stereotyping to me is judging before the facts. I find stereotyping when individuals of a group are presumed to have characteristics attributed to the whole group. In such cases, I agree with Claudia Brunsch that “The characteristics of a certain group are not only overgeneralized, but they also have an exaggerated negative or positive value” (2005). In May 2012, George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin because George found Trayvon suspicious. Trayvon’s being a person color, wearing a hoodie, talking slowly and looking around was stereotyped by George as criminal, which eventually led to the death of Trayvon. Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald puts it this way: “To make this about Zimmerman is to absolve the rest of us for
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