Persuasive Essay On Stolen Vehicles

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Rick Dubin, Vice-President, Investigative Services, IBC said, “None of the top 10 stolen vehicles are equipped with an electronic manufacturer immobilizer as a theft deterrent system, so they are easier to steal. We also see from this list that criminals continue to have a huge demand for AWD/4WD late model high-end vehicles.”, in his recent comments regarding the theft of vehicles. He further believes that being vigilant about deterring car thieves is the first and foremost option of combating this practise. He commented that “A vehicle left running unattended is not only easy to steal, it has increased value as a stolen vehicle,” while urging persons to be proactive in their fight. “The crooks are targeting vehicles with keys in them,”…show more content…
Dublin, reveal that many of these stolen trucks will have their VINs replaced and then sold to unsuspecting people While on other occasions, many stolen cars and luxury SUVs are further shipped to West Africa and are rarely recovered. It is also a practice for stolen vehicles to be chopped up for parts. Data revealed from the Insurance Bureau of North American country shows that the Ford F-350 and F-250 models take up 9spots on its prime ten lists of most often stolen vehicles. Ford manufacturers produce their F-250 and F-350 trucks having massive, rugged, off-road capabilities, and is considered commodity by thieves across North America. For the year 2014 'Ten most Stolen Vehicles list, it has been revealed by the annual statisticians- Insurance Bureau of North American country, to show the high interest by organized criminals in Ford F-series trucks. Even though it may seem that the incidences of automotive vehicle theft in North American country has decreased, it still remains a lucrative business for thieves. Data retrieved from the year 2013 statistic indicates as an example, that 72,804 vehicles were stolen, showing a further eight % drop from the previous year. It is still a resounding problem, wherein organized criminals are concentrating their efforts on a lot of these high-end
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