Persuasive Essay On Stopping Seaworld

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Stopping SeaWorld: What happens behind the bars
A massive black and white 10,000 pound animal glides through the water and jumps up out of the big blue sea to get its breath; it then sinks back down into the mysterious waters and keeps swimming with its pod in the wild. Unfortunately, not every orca has this freedom. SeaWorld is a very popular place for young children to experience animals that they may never see again; however, as we get older we realize that these animals may not be getting everything they need to survive. Killer Whales should not be kept in captivity because they could get a disease, the orca population is decreasing, and they are more likely to die sooner in the tanks.
Orcas have a fin on their back called a dorsal fin, and they can often get hurt because of it. Twenty-five percent of all orcas have a condition that affects their dorsal fin. This condition is called pathogenic condition but is more likely referred to as Flaccid Fin. In the wild their fin stands tall and proud; however during a performance the fin flops over. This condition happens more in captivity than in the wild because the water provides pressure to the fin, keeping the tissues inside healthy and straight, and encouraging the dorsal fin to remain straight. In the wild the orcas have the whole ocean to swim around in but a captive orca only as a a 36 foot deep tank. It most often happens in males because the male’s fins are taller than the females.(Jennifer Kennedy)
Orcas in the wild
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