Persuasive Essay On Student Loan Debt

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Graduation day is approaching faster than we can blink. Once that day hits, it’s time to decide how we will spend our future. Many of us will ponder the thought of college, but what chokes most of us up is the outrageous amounts of money that colleges want to strip away from us. Time progresses and the cost just soars higher. Is college really worth it if we have to pour thousands of dollars out towards it? Over the years student loan debt has taken a drastic increase. Just since last year a six percent increase in student debt has taken place. As these numbers continuously rise many question whether they should attend college or not. One point forty-five trillion is owed in student loan debt as of September 2017. Forty-four million borrowers are responsible for this abundant amount of loans owed back. This amount of debt is greater than the credit card or car debt owed. Currently the average payment for borrowers between the ages of 20 to 30 is roughly $351 per month.There are more students than not that hold debt in the United States. Going to a private school has proven to cause students to take out more loans than those that attend a public school for college. (Student Loan Hero) Indiana accounts for, on an average, $29,562 of that college student loan debt as of 2016. (The Institute For College Access and Success) Due to the amount of college debt that we see present, this generation contemplates heavily on whether to attend a college post graduation. Seeing the
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