Persuasive Essay On Surviving High School

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The topic i’ll be discussing today is related to surviving high school. Except, not your senior year, sophomore, or junior. But your freshman year. No matter what, you’re freshman year was always the scariest. Wasn't it? Well today I will be giving you some useful advice to surviving your first year. We are all scared when it comes to being a freshman, whether you ask yourself, “Is being a freshman that hard? Does it look like when they show it in movies or television shows? Will the teachers be rude or mean?” well the answer is simple. Most of the times depending on the high school you’re attending might or might not be the ideal one. Many of you will find these ideas very helpful while others might find them a bit confusing. Hopefully most…show more content…
my last matter are teachers. Most believe that teachers are just there to make give us endless amount of homework. But what would you think if I told you teachers care about you? “You may not agree with some of the things they are doing, but ask they why they do things certain ways (and don’t always ask that in the middle of class).” I agree with the author because teachers care. Even if they don’t show much of it they do, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be pushing you to try your best. Teachers will encourage you to always try your best whether it’s an effort they will appreciate it. It shows them that you are indeed paying attention in their class. I can connect to this because my teachers care about their students. They are always encouraging them to do their homework, even if its late turned in or in time. As long as they have their work done they will be happy. Most teachers will push you even further beyond your limit because they want to see you succeed and not stay behind. That’s why I believe teachers care about their students, even if they don’t show it, they care immensely for them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as well. Teachers will be pleased if you ask them questions if they are topic related. They will help you even if you stay there after
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