Persuasive Essay On Sustainability

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As a child, I grew up in close proximity to a small wooded area, backed by an elementary school on one side, and a busy neighborhood on the other. It was barely big enough to be called a forest, and often muddy and littered with trash from the nearby school. Nevertheless, it was a source of adventure and awe for me and my siblings. During the summer, we would spend entire days in the woods, bounding through the trees and playing hide and seek. Even during the winter, we could be found out in the woods, sliding on ice in the small swampy pond. That forest, where I spent countless hours in wonderment, has ignited in me a reverence for nature and all its beauty that lingers on to this day, almost ten years later. Those towering trees seemed sacred and invulnerable. Today, however, that already small forest is shrinking, as companies buy the land, one section at a time. Most of the once towering trees have been cleared out and replaced with pristine rows of houses; instead of low brush and bushes, there are now “For Sale” signs. In the same fashion, Earth’s natural resources are being rapidly depleted worldwide in the name of human development. Whether in distress for the environment, or concern regarding the ability of the human race itself to survive, advocates for the concept of sustainability are calling for a change in human attitude and behavior. In order for us to preserve the sacred beauty of nature, and to prevent our vital resources from diminishing further, we need to
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