Persuasive Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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"One might say that reality television began in 1948 with Allen Funt's Candid Camera, which featured the filming of real people as they reacted to annoying situations concocted by the show's creators." (Maasik and Solomon) Next PBS launched reality television shows, followed by MTV. Today a popular reality television show is 16 and Pregnant. It is an American reality television show that aired since 2009. This reality television show portrays the stories of high school teenage pregnant girls and the challenges that they go through. Each episode in the series shows a different teenage girl when she about halfway through her pregnancy. When the baby is about three to four months old the episode ends. According to critics, some say that it…show more content…
They do not come from rich families. We know that Maci works part-time with her father, while Ryan works diesel mechanic during the night shift. They do not live in a luxury house, but in an apartment that they both can afford. They have enough to survive for themselves and the baby to come. Many things are gifts from family and friends, that she receives from the baby shower. At one point Ryan tells her she does not need to buy anything more since they have enough already, and they can save up for other things. Maci and Ryan encounter small conflicts and disagreements during the pregnancy, that later on escalates into a major conflict. Family and friends are saying at a BBQ that Ryan will need to attend father classes. He had never changed a diaper or even held a baby before. She is 36 weeks pregnant and Ryan is not showing much interest when the topic is the baby. There was an incident when they are on their way to a doctor's appointment and Ryan believes he has a flat tire and makes Maci get out the car and check for herself. Note that she is close to 38 weeks old and not able to get out and in the car so easily. His attitude at this point has escalated. Maci takes one for the team and does not let it get over her and decided that when the baby comes he'll know what to do and everything will be better. The major conflict
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